When purchasing an Elite fireplace, you are investing in something truly unique.

Produced from solid blocks of the finest quality Bath Stone and carved individually by English Heritage approved master masons in the Cotswolds, your fireplace will be made to meet your exact requirements for size and style.  All Elite fireplaces are made to order.

You can select one of our standard designs and have sizes modified to suit your room dimensions and the fire, or stove, of your choice. You can mix and match different elements of different models. We can produce your own unique design, or we can create a totally bespoke design just for you.

The only limitations are your imagination and the practical restraints of weight and size of the stone blocks.

Notes on cost

If your fireplace is smaller than our standard size, it will cost less and if it’s larger it will cost more. There are no extra costs for a bespoke design.

Simple designs cost less than ornate ones, as prices are based not only on the quantity of stone, but on the amount of carving involved.

A large, simple surround can therefore cost less than a small one with lots of carving.

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