All of our fireplaces are carved from natural Bath limestone. Mined since Roman and Medieval periods, Bath stone’s finely grained consistency and creamy-buff colour have made it a classic choice. The mining methods may have changed but the old mines are still used today. The stone, formed 150 million years ago under a shallow, tropical sea that covered Bath and the Cotswold’s, is made from tiny fossilised crustaceans. These features are beautiful and make each fireplace unique.

Bath stone is easy to clean and is perfectly suited for use with open fires and wood burning stoves. It lends itself to every interior style and colour scheme.

All of our fireplaces are made in the UK at our Worcestershire workshop. We are proud to be Made In Britain. Every fireplace is hand made and carved by our master stonemason.

Whether dealing with Elite or one of our specialist fireplace and stove showrooms, you can be sure of excellent service and the result will be a beautiful fireplace you can be proud of.